In the vast expanse of the universe, there is a place unknown to all except those summoned there.

    That place is Kryptik Island: a world of infinite beauty, epic adventure, touching romance, and harrowing tragedy. The island is broken up into distinct climates and biomes with entire ecosystems changing within eyesight of one another. The mystery of the island allows for both an eternal day and eternal night as entire environments appear to be carved out of the landmass for each species. The Island instantly shifts from one environment to another like the dank, mossy overgrown crypts that serve as the Undead homeland that sits so near to the cascading waterfalls of the Mystics. The Human Faction protects its population with tall stone walls and fortresses, which stand second only to the Ascendant’s ivory towers. The endless ocean that surrounds the island brings a melancholy aura of isolation with only glassy amethyst water stretching as far as the eye can see. There are limitless opportunities on Kryptik Island, but also terrible dangers that lead most citizens to band together with their Factions for survival. The majority of citizens find themselves vying for influence with one of the four known Factions among the occasionally shifting landscape - the Humans, the Ascendant, the Mystics and the Undead.

    Her Greatness, Overlord Charlie, is the champion of the Human Faction and their allies. The Human Faction flourishes under Charlie’s rule, despite Cormac and the Knights of Dominion’s persistent efforts to undermine her. Charlie’s fierce power is derived from, and only matched by, her unrelenting loyalty to her people. Shining with the aura of earnest leadership that has inspired those around her to new heights of excellence, Charlie commands from the front lines of battle as much as she does from her throne.This warrior is defined by her compassion and selflessness, always marching towards her deepest desire, to help all deserving citizens flourish on Kryptik Island.

    The Ascendant Faction, a race of both beautiful and terrifying beings in equal measure, is newly united under the towering Overlord Dookraka. The newly anointed Overlord watches quietly over his Faction, begrudgingly respected and universally feared. The Ascendant faction is splintered into three ethnicities, the domineering Vesperis, the arrogant Auroris, and the Inanis, forever looked down upon by the “pure” Ascendant. Twin siblings, Fiona and Fionn, are the Vahlisar and Vhalisari of the Vesperis, but appear to be struggling with an ever growing personal conflict. Iris and Huldar are the Queen and King of the Auroris, though their union is plagued by sins of the past. Dookraka leads the Inanis and the Ascendant with a severe and distant demeanor that keeps him isolated.

    The Mystic Faction is ruled by Overlord and Queen Juturna, who is torn between the material and magical worlds. Juturna struggles against the major houses of the Mystic Faction on her quest to help them reconnect with the material world. Many Mystics have grown static and merely enjoy the fruits of their magic without engaging in the politics or warfare of the island. Juturna sees this complacency leaving them vulnerable to other more motivated Factions, who conquer and scheme. Meanwhile the leaders of the major Mystic houses, Daithi, Honah and Pasha, seem to desire little more than to continue to reinforce the status quo. Though Juturna is virtuous, polite and soft-spoken, she has unmade, to their very atoms, the bones of more than one fool who has dared to cross her.

    The most lethal Undead is Overlord Wulfric, who leads his horde of shambling masses with a blade imbued with the souls of his enemies. One of the most prolific duelists in all of Kryptik, Wulfric overwhelms his foes with powerful blows that shatter steel and sunder armor. While many cower at the Undead Overlord, his minions revere him with unwavering loyalty. Overgrown with fungus and moss, skeletal masses shamble through the endless labyrinth that is the necropolis, domain and seat of power to Wulfric. Though it seems an uncountable number of Wulfric’s thralls march under his terrible authority, so many of them appear to be the same combatants that have previously suffered grievous wounds just days earlier.

    Every being across the universe has the opportunity to be chosen for Kryptik Island, yet they will never know until they are selected. Should one be summoned to the Island, that citizen will be afforded sixty-six years to prove their worth and have their fate determined at the hands of the Overseers. A mysterious cabal, the Overseers gather at the end of a citizen's sixty-six years and pass judgment upon those who have lived long enough to stand trial. One thing is certain - all citizens are forever changed by their journey on Kryptik Island.

    The citizens struggle with the knowledge of their impending judgment, wondering what the Overseers are looking for in their sixty six years. Rumors swirl around the island, with many claiming that the way to salvation lies in cooperation. Meanwhile, others strive for conquest, subjugating anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths. Silver-tongued diplomats and spies such as Aileen, Eligor, and Samara spin political threads across the loom that is Kryptik Island in order to avoid all-out war. Then, there are those great conquerors like Boudicca, Osiris, and Branwen who raise banners in the name of glorious victories across the battlefields of Kryptik Island.

    Tensions rise, alliances are made, and crushing betrayals come to pass as each citizen moves along their path to judgment. No matter who they are, each citizen that survives their sixty six year journey will be judged in one form or another. But, in the back of each citizen’s mind is the burning question… why? What is the meaning of their lives on Kryptik, and for what purpose do the Overseers torment them so?

Written by Christopher Tesorio

Edited by Connor Policastro