Genesis Wave 2 Booster Box - 36 x 10 Card Packs

Our flagship product and the star of the show! We have engineered our booster box in a way that that satisfies both collectors and players. The boxes are set up perfectly for limited (draft/sealed) events, and contain plenty of rare cards to chase. Check out the pulls and product images below!

Wave 2 Starter Decks - 40 Card Deck + 3 Boosters

The perfect intro product! Our Starter Decks contain 40 card faction decks and 3 booster packs to get your collection started. Any chase card can be found within these packs, so be on the lookout! Click for deck lists.

Booster Packs - In Starter Decks & Booster Boxes

All 4 Overlords are featured on our pack arts!

The Pulls - Cards To Chase!

Below you will find images of the chase cards found within our Wave 2 products. Between box toppers, box hit foil noble rares, case hit riddle text cards, and hand-signed serialized cards there are plenty of rare cards to hunt down!