Kryptik Play Syndicate.

In addition to our standard Season 2 prizing, we will be implementing a tournament circuit that aligns with the Kryptik Van Tour. These 4 "Trial Tournaments" will feature awesome prizing and performing well in them will give you an edge in the World Championship Judgment Tournament at Miami TCG Con!

Below you will find the Trial Tournament's dates, locations and formats. These events will all be listed on Kryptik Play Syndicate by the hosting shops. Tanner will be attending all 4 tournaments with his van, so be sure to come say hello and get some games in!

Kryptik Will be working with the above shops to provide amazing prizing for all 4 trial tournaments. Not only can you get a shiny championship belt, you can also win tons of sealed product and gain an advantage at the World Championships in Miami. The winner of each trial will also get to elect a citizen from a list to possibly face judgement at the World Championships. Prizing for all 4 tournaments will be the same.

Players will compete to win Trial and World Championship belts this season!

To cap off Season 2 we will be hosting our first ever Judgment Tournament. At this tournament players will compete for the right to pass judgment on one of four citizens that were selected by Trial Tournament winners! The tournament will be held at Miami TCG Con on 10/21 (10am) and 10/22 (10am). 

This tournament will serve as our World Championships and prizing will be the same as previous trials with some sweet additions!

  • 1st Place - GOLD World Championship Belt
  • 1st Place - Brassman's will Serialized Uncut Sheet
  • All Top 8 - Dev Slab
  • Champion, Top 8, and participant stamped Promo