Made in the USA

We are proud to announce that we will be working with US based Brodnax 21C Printers and CMX Solutions to manufacture all of our sets moving forward. Both of their facilities are located in Dallas, Texas and we look forward to producing industry leading products with both of them for years to come.


I (Tanner) had the privilege of touring both facilities and spending a week in Dallas learning about the printing/packaging process. I am beyond excited to show the Kryptik community how far we can push the limits of what is possible with Trading Cards. Our plan moving forward is to be an industry leader and raise the bar for all TCGs.

Brodnax 21c Printers is a family-owned and operated business that is ran by true professionals with many years of industry experience. Brodnax was founded in Texas in 1958, and has been producing the highest quality printed products possible ever since. I personally spent 2 days there on press watching sheets of our cards being produced, and it really was a treat. The plant manager, David, was gracious enough to explain the entire printing process from beginning to end to me. From cold foiling, embossed UV, and beyond, the Brodnax team has us covered.

Brodnax uses the most technologically advanced equipment that is currently available. Given that they are located a quick flight away from me, we are able to leverage this incredible equipment to the max by being on press during the manufacturing process. I can now personally oversee the entire manufacturing process from printing sheets to packing boxes.

To cut and package our incredible new cards, we will be working with CMX Solutions, located just down the road from Brodnax. CMX Solutions is ran by true professionals with many years of industry experience and already has an established working relationship with Brodnax. CMX uses industry standard equipment for cutting and packaging cards, so we are positive our cards will be clean and product will be randomized to our exact specifications.

All of that being said, we are excited to announce the new partnership and cannot wait to show off our new stuff when Wicked Prophecy releases on June 30th, 2023! We have learned a lot over the last year and truly believe we are on a path to many years of fun and innovative set and product releases. Thank you for reading.

Tanner McBride
Creator, Kryptik TCG