Looking to Playtest our new sets?
Want to help Kryptik grow by providing feedback on  gameplay?

Introducing the Kryptik Playtest Program (KPP)! 


How it works

We're looking for a small group of dedicated Kryptik players to join our playtesting efforts. As a Playtester, you will have access to our new sets, and play with cards in development months before they are released. You will be playing games of Kryptik on a weekly basis with our card game developers and other community playtest members, filling out structured feedback forms every session. As always, we love to reward our community members that put in effort to help build the game, and have special promo 'playtester' cards in development as rewards for all KPP members.

If this is something that interests you, continue reading to learn how to apply...


How to Apply

We don't have a specific number of slots available, but we will only be taking in a limited number of members due to logistical constraints. Because of this we require an application be filled out so we can get a sense of what value you aim to bring to the program. Before submitting an application, please read through our agreement terms:

  1. Maintain a minimum of 2 hours of playtesting per week. Each scheduled playtesting session will be 1h-2h long. 
  2. Tabletop Simulator (on Steam) is required for participation in the program.
  3. Fill out playtesting forms sincerely and for the sole purpose of improving the game. 
  4. Not to divulge or distribute any materials or information regarding sets in development, including but not limited to card names, card art, new effects, set statistics, or any other piece of information that is not readily available to the public. You will be required to sign an NDA if accepted into the program.
  5. Refrain from entering any Kryptik events that have prizes within the first 4 weeks of the new set's release.
  • Failure to maintain these terms will result in possible removal from the program and suspensions from official Kryptik events. Kryptik TCG reserves the right to remove individuals from the program at any time and for any reason. Compensation of any type for participation in the Kryptik Playtest Program is never guaranteed. 


➡️ If you agree to the program's terms and want to apply, fill out our application at this link: KPP APPLICATION ⬅️

Applications for playtesting our 2nd set WICKED PROPHECY are currently open, and will close on January 15th at 11:59pm EST.  


What to Expect


If you're accepted into our program, congratulations! We're happy to have you as part of our growing Kryptik team, and hope to give you the opportunity to develop a TCG you're passionate about. We will let participants know via Discord of their acceptance, and will be organizing playtesting sessions via our official Kryptik Discord Channel. You will receive a unique Discord role that will reveal the private Playtester announcement board and game voice channels. 

We will schedule playtesting sessions based on your applications availability, and will pair you up with another member or a Kryptik developer. You will be playing the game via Tabletop Simulator and will be expected to be in a voice call throughout the duration of the session. Both Playtesters will then get to fill out a feedback form with structured questions and long form prompts that give you the opportunity to voice your input in a way that is meaningful to the improvement of the game.