Visions of destruction and chaos plague the Oracles, leading to rising tensions across the island. Calls for peace are silenced as the undead sack the Halls of Ivy, leaving factions and trust in shambles. As two new factions join the fray, who knows where their loyalties lie?

Wicked Prophecy Wave 1 Booster Box - 36 x 11 Card Packs (10k Print Run)

Our flagship product and the star of the show! We have engineered our booster box in a way that satisfies both collectors and players. The boxes are set up perfectly for limited (draft/sealed) events, and contain plenty of rare cards to chase. Check out the pulls and product images below!

Wicked Prophecy Starter Decks - 50 Card Deck + 3 Boosters
(12k Print Run)

The perfect intro product! Our Starter Decks contain 50 card faction decks and 3 booster packs to get your collection started. Any chase card can be found within these packs, so be on the lookout! Click here for Wicked Prophecy starter deck lists.

Kryptik TCG is proudly made in the USA! Click to learn more.

The Pulls - Cards To Chase!

Below you will find images of the chase cards found within Wave 1 of Wicked Prophecy. Between box toppers, box hit cosmo foils, tiered chase riddle text cards, and hand-signed serialized cards there are plenty of rare cards to hunt down!

Note - Pulls are based on averages over the entire print run and there are no guaranteed box, case, or master case hits.

Hand Made Art Cards

Wave 1 of Wicked Prophecy will feature 66 hand-painted/drawn cards that are pack pulled!

Booster Pack Arts

Shown below are the 4 pack arts!

KPS Prize Cards

Packs of 10 holo full art prize cards will be given to brick and mortar stores through distribution. Stores can use these cards to incentivize players to come in and play!